About us

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Media Relations

    Providing positive coverage across the full media spectrum

  • Crisis PR

    Management of a crisis and recovering reputation

  • Public Affairs

    Influencing Parliamentarians, government officials and opinion formers

  • Social Media

    Ensuring you are seen and heard in real time across all platforms

  • Media Training

    Can you handle hostile questions efficiently? Preparation is key

We raise awareness through:

Creative and effective communication strategy

Helping you put in place plans to best fulfil your brief


Press launches, round tables, photo-calls, receptions, award ceremonies, conferences

Celebrity and Patron management

Aiming for the top; managing successful relationships

Corporate partnerships, CSR, sponsorship

Essential for support to fundraising

Copywriting, articles, reports, blogs

A pre-requisite for the public face of an organisation


Important for the communications mix

Internal & stakeholder relations

These are your ambassadors. They are crucial to the reputation of an organisation.

Research, evaluation and assessment

For measurement and impact

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